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Trump Says Talks With N. Korea Will Go ‘VERY WELL’! Kim Jong Un Attention Over Military Threats!


BnTV channel today talk about usa, russia, china and nort korea today:


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  1. Is incredible to me that we think we are smarter when we are well informed and comment and formulate opinions but we miss the obvious. We keep pointing fingers u.s.a. this Russia that Iraq the other small groups of leaders known as "intellectuals" angry at each other threatening to star a nuclear war. Its not America but American husbands, wifes, children that have no saying what so ever Russian families an etc… u get the point. And is so normal to us i mean governments are so small compared to the rest of there country i would say two percent maybe? And the 98 percent of the population just want to have enough to take care of there family.

  2. Now stop bla bla. Boasting too. Continue talks. ThanQ Rocket man.!

  3. The not promise to give up the nuclear weapon remember when. Tillerson said that they want to meet with North Korean leader without no free condition right North Korea say they do not want to meet with no American president now North Korean leader just said he want to meet with the President of United States everybody accepted Donald Trump . don't Even take a second to say yes he want to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong on he's the fucking Mann's of his family respect the man that's all he want I'm already respect North Korean leader his name is Kim Jong own

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