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21 most expensive countries in the world you might think twice before visiting


Are you looking forward to move abroad or have travel plans in near future? If yes, you should be looking into the list of most expensive countries to live in that has been prepared by MoveHub, a company which works for helping people to decide where to move.

In its latest survey, the company kept New York City as the standard and based the assessment on the costs of basic necessities including prices of groceries, transportation, bills, restaurants and living expenses.

New York City was given a 100 index score meaning that any country getting higher scores than that will be considered more expensive whereas the country getting lesser than that will be labeled as cheaper.

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20. Ghana — 53.89

Ghana is said to be one of the most prosperous countries in Africa which is why the cost of living is quite expensive here, according to MoveHub.

20. Italy — 53.89

Italy gets the same score as Ghana, and its cost of living is higher than two other European countries: Germany and France.

19. Israel — 54.11

Israel is much more expensive than other countries in its region like Kuwait and the UAE.

18. Kuwait — 57.31

Kuwaiti dinar is one of the strongest currency units in the world and that’s makes the living cost exorbitant in the country.

17. Japan — 57.62

Japan to this date remains one of the world’s strongest industrial states and it reflects well on the cost of living there.

16. New Zealand — 58.26

A beautiful country to spend life in, New Zealand still has to import a lot of food items to survive, making it an extraordinarily expensive country.

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15. USA — 58.59

Although MoveHub considered USA’s New York as its benchmark, the country as a whole is a lot cheaper because the cost of living in rural areas and smaller cities differ and can easily be afforded.

14. Ireland — 59.56

Many Brits are yearning to leave UK after Brexit and move to Ireland but this decision will be costly since the country is far more expensive than they would have expected.

13. Denmark — 60.01

Denmark is highly indebted with average household having a debt amounting to 265% of incomes. This is manifested by the high cost of living in the country.

12. Australia — 62.39

In economic terms, Australia is very much similar to its neighbour New Zealand which is also a very expensive country when it comes to the cost of living.

11. US Virgin Islands — 62.56

This island nation seems really beautiful but it comes at a terrific price, even higher than its parent country the United States.

10. Luxembourg — 64.18

Considered to be the among the world’s wealthiest nations, Luxembourg has is quite expensive to live in.

9. Qatar — 68.06

The Arab country hires skilled labourers from all across the world but the salary seems little in the face of higher cost of living in there.

8. United Arab Emirates — 68.39

Home to the rich and famous, cities of the UAE are shockingly expensive and one might empty all pockets after a short span of vacations there.

7. Bahamas — 73.63

Plagued by the conditions typical to many islands, Bahamas also has to import lots of commodities from other countries, increasing the cost of living here.

6. Norway — 74.47

In Norway, the average one bedroom apartment can cost up to £925 per month on rent.

5. Singapore — 76.57

Even a pint of beer in Singapore can cost you around £8.50. Think twice before you move or plan to visit the country.

4. Iceland — 80.47

Since it lacks fertile grounds, the small country has to import many food items which affects its cost of living.

3. Hong Kong — 81.93

Hong Kong is infamous for being highly expensive and apartments here are tiny and pricey both.

2. Switzerland — 90.68

The country is known as the beautiful spot with much of the facilities to live peacefully but this of course comes at a terrific price. Switzerland is considered to be the most expensive place in Europe.

1. Bermuda — 126.34

Berumda is considered to be a tax haven for many wealthy people in the world. Its capital city Hamilton is the most expensive city on the planet!


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