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1947 Migration to Pakistan Its a Real Story


We are discussing partition of India in 1947 . I have a true story to share with you here narated by my Grandfather(Late) (He is about 75 years old ) . My family belongs to Gujrat,Pakistan so this story is from Gujrat , Pakistan .

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  1. Janoon or Ishq se milti hai Azaadi

  2. buht dukh honda us samen nu soch k sun k jo vi honda pyar nal aram nal Honda qatal ta lasha na honda

  3. I'm also from a Partition family. Muslims drove my grandfather and his family away from his village in Dhaka. Muslims created Pakistan as a homeland. I'm surprised that this old man is complaining. If they wanted to live in India then why did they create Pakistan ?

  4. Now these Muhajirs want to come to India as they are not treated respectfully in Pakistan.

  5. jhoot ki bunyaad par banne wala mulk pakistan musalmano ki tabahi ka jimmedaar muslim league

  6. is tabahi k jimmedaar khud musalman hain aur jahan musalmano ki aksariyat thi unhon ne kafiron ka qatle aam kya aur jahan kafiro ki aksariyat thi unhon ne musalmano ka qatle aam kya

  7. ye sab angrezon ki chaal thi musalmano ko barbaad karne k liye aur musalmano k jazbaat se khela gya h

  8. kya bol rahe ye bujurg mujhe Nahi lagta kisi ka ghar jalaya gaya ho

  9. Jihadi Mulle duniya main parasites ki tarah hain…inko apne deshon se bhagao…

  10. jo b tha nuqasn sb ka hi hua tha kash hm sb ekhty rhty ye sara kam angrez ka tha k hm bhn bhaion ko juda kr dia

  11. Look after Pakistan. Salute to all Pakistani and Curse on ANP MQM & Geo news who still work for Hindus Interest.Just Think when you die Hindus's help will not help you in grave.This money is nothing so think about Pakistan .Don't co-operate Non Muslims if they want to destroy Pakistan.Please 

  12. wo log kitny azeem thy jinhon ne pakistan banany k liye apna sab kuch luta diya  maal jaan izzat  agar aj hum india k sath reh rhy hoty to hamara haal b india k hedar abaad aur gujrat k musalmano jesa hota jin ko jab chahy hindu loot maar kar k katal kar dete hein aj b aisa ho rha he wahan to kya pakistan hamary liye aik bohat bari nemat nahi he …just think aboutn it 

  13. @9:28 idiot journalist putting words in the mouth of the old man !

  14. muslims wanted the separate nation and now at present  they are suffering for this step….

  15. Partition of India was a worst disaster of this century. People living together for more than 1000 years together became blood thirsty and killed each other. It still pains but we must move forward and ensure that nothing happens like this again. My family belongs to the part of punjab which is now called Pakistan. My grand grand parents were rich zamindar there . When partition happened , we lost everything there and lost 32 females of our family too. They were killed or committed suicide so that nobody could molest them. It was a very huge price our family paid of this partition. It happend to so many families , hindus or muslims. We all should take lesson from the history and let everyone live their way and no religion is bigger than humanity.

  16. Haan haan uncle… badi izzat mahfooz hai aapki …. mohajir ki gand maarte aaj tak unko beizzat karte hain 

    Shia ko aaj tak  itni buri haal dete hain … ahmeddiyon ki peeche padte hain …. aaaye bade mahfooz 

  17. Jumme ke din me hi to Riots karte hain tumlog ! Humein kya pata nahi hai ?
    Masjid me jaate ho friday ko mullah ka brainwash sunte ho aur riots start karte ho 

  18. haha…. you disgusting arseholes !

    Showing one side of the shit ! Pro Pakistan Muslims started all the riots back then …. and they deserved what they got in the bargain then 

  19. hindus and sikhs were affected the most !! we left you guys !!! you wiped out our villages in multan , rawalpindi , shiekhpura districts !!!!

  20. mera bhai aap logo na bhi to yahi kiya tha hamara hindu bhai or baheno ka sath.pahle wo dekho fir bharat ka bara ma bolo

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