Sunday , 15 July 2018
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What Fat Dogs May Tell Us About Overweight Humans

Fat dogs may have more in common with obese humans than we think. Hungarian researchers have discovered that overweight dogs were interested only in top quality food and would not settle for second best. The study suggests that dogs could be used as models into the causes and psychological impact …

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Intel Whiskey Lake release date, news and rumors

Intel Whiskey Lake will supposedly be behind the next generation of laptops, but what do we know about it? Because it wouldn’t be 2018 without a plethora of different Intel releases that may or may never actually happen, we thought it would be fitting to dive into all the details …

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7 Endangered Rhinos Dead in Kenya Relocation Bid: Official

NAIROBI —  A Kenyan wildlife official says seven critically endangered black rhinos are dead following an attempt to move them from the capital to a national park hundreds of kilometers away. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release the information, cited “negligence” in …

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