Sunday , 22 April 2018
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Which Teams on the Bubble Will Make a Playoff Run? | Move the Sticks | NFL


DJ & Bucky debate which teams outside of the 2017 playoff picture will not only get in, but will make a late postseason run.

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  1. Seahawks better come to the playoffs

  2. Lmao Rodgers is out for the year and nobody can lead that team. Lions will shock the world. #onepride

  3. cardinals suck an you cant say crap because the rams beat them twice my team is the rams

  4. PLAYOFFS: AFC 1. Steelers 2. Jags 3. Pats 4. Chargers 5. Ravens 6. Titans NFC 1. Eagles 2. Panthers 3. Vikings 4. Seahawks 5. Packers 6. Rams

  5. Look if Panthers lose against Atlanta week 17 and Seattle loses any of its last 3 tough games Pack is in with 3 more wins

  6. jets are making the playoffs at 9-7, believe me

  7. The packers might make it to there division game if Rodgers can play for the last 3 games


    With that being said, Chargers are gonna make the playoffs.

  9. playoff predictions: NFC: eagles,vikings,cowboys,rams,saints, and seahawks; AFC: patriots, steelers, titans, chiefs, chargers, ravens.

  10. 1:30 this man said they can hand it to melvin ingram

  11. Aaron Rodgers was hurt. Just because he will come back, that doesn't mean he's all of a sudden become great again.

  12. whhhhhioooooooooo deyyyyyyyy

  13. How do they pick Packers and Cowboys over the Seahawks? Packers have Vikings and Panthers to play with a back up quarterback and Cowboys got Raiders with no Zeke and then Eagles and Seahawks. Not to mention, the Seahawks have the best quarterback out of those 3 teams.

  14. Boycotted , never again. Obviously not enough brain power to be considered "professional". Can't wait for their next fail…

  15. Why were the Texans in the picture?

  16. Dallas will make it in. Nobody will won't to play them wen they get in.

  17. I feel like the NFL need more team in the play off who's agree

  18. I really hope the LAC bandwagon becomes a thing.

  19. See what I'm saying DO NOT DOUBT MY CHARGERS!!!!!

  20. Even if the Packers go 10-6, it probably won’t be enough to make it in the playoffs. If teams like the Seahawks, Falcons, Panthers, Saints, & Rams win their games, they will most likely be in and the Packers will not. I’m a Packers fan myself, but this isn’t 2016 again, where teams like the Vikings & Lions made it easier for them to get in.

  21. Pack, Pack, PackWe comin backAnd that's a fact

  22. As a Patriots fan the only team I am a bit worried about right now is the Steelers, besides them there is no competition in the AFC.

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