Thursday , 18 October 2018
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Vikings vs. Panthers | NFL Week 14 Game Highlights

The Minnesota Vikings take on the Carolina Panthers in Week 14 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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  1. The hold on Barr on Cam's long run changed the tide. I guess refs can change a game…. But in all, a good game. Hope to see them in the playoffs. SKOL!

  2. That Keenum "fumble" was extremely borderline. Easily could've been ruled incomplete pass. That play was a major game changer.

  3. Vikings In The Superbowl LMAO .. good one

  4. 8:35 what a totally blatant hold by #75 Matt Kalil that wasn't called, if he doesn't hold Barr easily get's to Cam, that should have been called back.

  5. Vikings still the best team in the NFC! Cannot win them all

  6. Tony R o mo done a great job commentating at this game.liked this game alot .great job panthers.i am excited

  7. Played Vikings in Madden and had 14 college I’ve sacks in 1st half

  8. you guys can stop worrying about cam with the going be there at 38 having people tell him they thought he was done long time ago.but going to come to be a testimony.that through god all things are for the changes come through for him the best is yet to come

  9. Panthers are going to the super bowl lii

  10. Panthers are going to the super bowl lii

  11. what a game panthers look like there undefeated season

  12. Terrible tackling, but I'll take the W.

  13. LMAO , It suck they had to take an L because of the horrible calls, disgraceful with all the technology that the refs still can't make accurate calls.

  14. NFC is a crapshoot. No one knows who is gonna take it. Viqueens will choke like usual though. Its what they do and keenum will regress to the mean eventually.

  15. Man this is gonna B a really fun playoffs this year!!

  16. Why so many butthurt packer fans in the comments?

  17. With the seasons Case Keenum and Jared Goff have been having, I think we can conclude that Jeff Fisher was the worst coach ever. After 2008 anyway.

  18. Sub me if you're a Cam Newton. Fan rushing qb goat

  19. Mike Shula needs to stay aggressive when they have leads or get bentttttt. playing not to lose is a dumb strategy

  20. 9:17 Panther number #70. Lol! Reminds me when strange things happens in Madden.

  21. The run by Newton is just illegal man. Just insane. Stewart gashed them as well. What happened to viks run defense

  22. Hey Panther Fans, My team the Giants are favorites to hire your former GM David Gettleman. Anyway, what did you guys think of him cause I know nothing about him except he used to be with us in 1998-2011 than you guys hired him. besides that, I know nothing about him so did you guys like him or not any Positive or Negative Feedback could help me understand if Gettleman can help my Giants or not.

  23. The panthers had a 12th man on the field the whole game dressed in black and white.

  24. Wth was Anthony Barr doing on that INT ?? If he was blocking downfield Andrew could of had a chance to score.

  25. i was at this game. it was awesome. i love both teams. i think both of them need a superbowl. only reason i wanted carolina slightly more to win this was to have a better shot at the playoffs. if the patriots or steelers make the superbowl, whoever plays them needs to show no mercy. i hope its one of these two teams or the eagles. i get tired of watching the same teams win superbowls.

  26. The more i look at this game, it shows that the vikings were screwed by the refs!

  27. "those long arms of Rudolph. You think you over-throw this guy sometimes, but he just goes up and gets it and makes it look easy."
    catches the ball at shoulder height

  28. gogo panthers! greetings from germany .o/

  29. These celebrations are getting out of hand.

  30. Your brothers got you Christian every play wont always be perfect. Keep your head up bro

  31. They didnt deserve that win. To much mistakes

  32. Thankyou for winning this panthers

  33. Impressive scramble and td throw by Newton

  34. Being a Panthers fan, gotta feel for those pissed off Vikings fans scrolling through the comments seeing all these #keeppounding s lmao

  35. Cam is a bad man now!

    Check out my weekly games review on the NBA, NFL & EPL. SUBSCRIBE TOO. Peace.

  36. Good job by the refs to not blow the whistle during the throw that looked like a fumble. Better to let it play out and then review.

  37. Nah.. vikings still better. Panthers only ran the ball with field goals for them touchdown. What happen to all the passing TD play. Vikes only beat themselves not Panthers.

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