Monday , 16 April 2018
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Tony Romo Narrates Brady’s Sideline Argument w/ McDaniels | Patriots vs. Bills | NFL Wk 13


Tony Romo gives a play-by-play of Tom Brady’s confrontation with Josh McDaniels during the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills matchup in Week 13 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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  1. Tom Brady is good but a brat

  2. Romo focused on the wrong receiver. Watch Dorsett (receiver at the top of the screen). WIDE OPEN. He is the receiver to whom McDaniels was referring. Not Cooks. He was probably trying to point this out to Brady and Brady was still pissed about missing Cooks.

  3. its football it happens, people be making a big deal

  4. McDaniels will be gone after the season. Brady got Garappolo traded, and now Josh will feel the wrath of messing with TB12.

  5. This is how competitors act and your team sucks. 😉

  6. Cooks ran his route a touch too deep

  7. Whats the big deal here ? So Tom yells a bit at McDaniels. Next.

  8. Yes people there is a double standard in life, when all you do is win for over fifteen years you can get away with things others can't, that is how the world works, just how it is.

  9. maybe if tony's bum ass had yelled at his off. coordinator a few times he would have been in a superbowl or two bum

  10. Ahahahaha!!!! Romo is a fool!!!

  11. White Privilege at its finest

  12. Look I’m an eagles fan I used to despise Romo but he’s a great announcer with smart and interesting commentary, he gets excited easily and he’s really funny especially when the game is just plain boring and needs something to spice it up

  13. The problem on the play, was that Cooks should have sat in that zone and waited for Tom to see him. He kept running right at a defender and exactly where Tom can't throw to or it will be intercepted. Yes Cooks was wide open, as Josh McDaniels said, but Tom did not see him for an instant. That's why Cooks was supposed to sit in the zone. Blown play by Cooks, not Brady. Never run towards defenders in a zone, find an open spot and sit. Move if a defender comes up to you. Basic football, right there.

  14. Glad to see player & advisor are confident enough in their relationship to interact just like a married couple, good or bad. Healthy relationship.

  15. Obj and brown throw a tantrum=overpaid baby’s and divas

    Tom Brady throws a tantrum=passionate hmmmmm and the only excuse I can seem to find is “oh when they get 5 rings then they can act like that” no mother fuckers that’s not how that works brady can have 78 rings but he still has to listen to his coaches and cannot yell at them

  16. What was B.B. record when he was head coach on Cleveland???

  17. Tony's Tom Brady Mr. T voice lol "I know he was open! i KNOW IT"

  18. I don't think it was about cooks, there's another receiver at the top who is completely wide open.

  19. I could listen to Tony Romo teach me physics.

  20. One of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game can't handle a little constructive criticism. He's a HOF QB with a Kindergarten attitude. I will admit, he is great but I will never understand why the Patriot Organization felt the need to cheat and bend the rules. Bill Belicheck is a Sith Lord whose attitude matches that of Brady . Great in their respective positions but spoiled brats. That combination breeds people who will go out of their way to do whatever it takes to win.

  21. If this is Richard Sherman, frank Clark or Michael Bennett.. Guess what the narrative is? Guess what words is used?
    Loudmouth thugs going after a coach on the sidelines and there must be discord in the dressing room. Then ESPN does a story on their front page questioning Pete Carroll's leadership and whether or not he's lost the locker room.
    But noooope. It's Brady. Good ol goldenboy Brady. Can't do no wrong. The words used here are "passionate" "emotional" "love for the game" …same with that cheapshot gronk laid out on a defensless player. How much you wanna bet if his skin was a few shades darker, the word thug wouldve been used right there? Can you imagine if that was martellus Bennett or OBJ, the stuff he'd be called??? Oh but it's everybody's favorite meathead rob gronkowski. He gets more of a pass then any other player in the NFL. If you look at the stuff he does and put a black player in his place, Y'all don't wanna know. He would be raked over the coals and excoriated by the media so bad!! Oh but it's gronk. It's just big fun loving harmless gronk. Let me do what he wants right?

  22. Oh no Tom Brady got mad and showed emotion! Cheater!

  23. This is how the Pats win. The opponents manage to prevent Brady from throwing a single touchdown, then miss on every opportunity to score themselves and eventually lose by 20 points. God damn, the Pats can be beaten – so beat them! Then we can enjoy more Brady sideline rants when he blames his coordinators why he lost.

  24. Cry baby Brady smh it’s always somebody else’s fault

  25. Damn I miss Romo but y'all need to get off his nuts!!!

  26. funny how the Pats haters are always the first ones commenting on videos about them, it's flattering

  27. Brady has the cache to do this, unlike the clown show OBJ…

  28. tony romo gets more highlights as a commentator than he did as a player

  29. Tony Romo lol…. You sure know about missing Tony… You missed the playoffs every year, you clown

  30. Seems Aaron Rodgers Groupies are still trolling The GOAT Brady LOL…..

  31. McDaniels: Tom he was wide-open.
    Brady: He was not wide open. He was not. It's bullshit. He was not open. He was not. Oh hi Mark.

  32. Impossible not to like Romo… and I HATE the Cowboys

  33. Tony Romo Is the biggest NFL/cbs loser of all time.

  34. Brady and McDaniels always act like an old married couple.

  35. Someone tell Tony Romo narrate Tom Brady's 5 superbowl wins.

  36. Anyone else notice how wide open the wide receiver on the top of the screen was?

  37. bring back tony romo on the field and play football again.

  38. I would think something like that happens every game to a team that’s losing?

  39. umm whoever was the receiver on the left side was WIDE open soooo patriots you better run this play against the steelers because if they double gronk, cooks or whoever ran that corner route is gonna be OPEN IM TELLING YOU

  40. when is Tom Brady not yelling

  41. Please let Tony call every Sunday Night Game.

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