Thursday , 19 April 2018
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Nick Saban says Alabama deserves to be in College Football Playoff | SportsCenter with SVP | ESPN


Alabama head coach Nick Saban explains that if you look at the overall body of work for the entire season, the Crimson Tide should be a strong candidate to make the College Football Playoff.

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  1. Should Alabama or Ohio State make the College Football Playoff?

  2. If Bama would of loss by 31 points to Mizzouri not get invited to the playoffs, I would accept my Outback Bowl invite with a smile, Why can't Buckeye fans do the same ?

  3. Bama fans should be thanking their friends over in Iowa. Dilly Dilly.

  4. How does it feel win by default you didn't earn it

  5. the king is back even if we loose to clemson it wilk be blow for blow not a 31-0 shut out ohio state fans remember

  6. ESPN = Sec Network = Selection Committee = Alabama in playoffs because ESPN needs the money so two sec in would make ESPN more money in long run. Take ESPN out of the Selection Committee Ear and another team would have been in. RIG

  7. Whoe! Big Bama fan here, but why does everyone, and I mean everyone overlook Clemson? At least put them in the language here. They are the best coached team this year, if not last year as well. It's obvious Bama should be in, but with their Def & Off line problems they had all year, don't expect much. Really can't expect too much end & post season play giving up 400 + yards a game. The new yes-man O-Coordinator is not allowed too much latitude and short on imagination in the first place. How Clemson is playing, Bama will most likely loose in the Sugar, but O-St would get eaten up. Clemson would not have to be as tightened-up in preparing for O-St, just only need to focus on keeping Barret out of his stride, which appears to be easy. Against Bama, Clemson will focus on maintaining the win in the trenches (Bamas weakness this year), but will also have to keep an eye on Mr. Hurts & Mr Harrison. Yep got Bama at a heart-breaking lose 🙁

  8. William, anyone ever call you stupid?

  9. Ohio State plays waterboy in this year's playoff.

  10. Bama fans before the playoff: THERE NEEDS TO BE 8 TEAMS IN THE PLAYOFFS

    Bama fans after the playoffs are announced: No Ohio State Fans 8 Team playoffs are dumb

  11. Now Booger got what he wanted, he can suck up with all his SEC buddies. I want nothing more than Clemson to beat Bama just to piss Booger off because he would have thrown a fit if the committee picked Ohio State. Hey Booger, do us Ohio State fans a favor and do not say anything good about us when we take on Southern Cal, just shut up. GO BUCKS.

  12. Alabama deserves the spot…stop hating

  13. Bama has a good team but their best Quarterback is on the bench. Hurts has gotten worse the more he plays. Sabin wont even try Tua even when Hurts is going 3 and out consistently. Clemson will do just what Auburn did..Double cover Ridley and stop the run. Hurts can not pass well enough to beat any team in the playoffs.

  14. The committee has to start making Power 5 team schedules so there is not BS cupcake route to the playoffs.

  15. Nick Saban must have pictures of committee taking turns on a goat… O-H-I-O!!!!!

  16. Who is the committee to decide if Alabama is better than Ohio State without them actually playing?

  17. Alabama had a weak schedule and a horrible November. They don't deserve crap. Time to tune out college football.

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