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In King Googlyan’s world, all cricketers are ‘Sanskari’

With the onset of the the three-match ODI series betwwen in India and Australia on January 12, 2019. King Googlyan predicts the winner of the series. Also King Googlyan shows us his parallel universe where players are ‘Sanskari’

In King Googlyan's world, all cricketers are 'Sanskari'

Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh with baby Samaira

In a parallel universe at a show called Googly with King Googlyan, also known as the most ‘Sanskari‘ show on television, with the guest of honour, who happens to be one of the best Indian all-rounders.

King Googlyan to Indian all-rounder: Apart from playing cricket, how do you unwind? do you party?

Indian all-rounder: I do not like to party, I only practise my batting/bowling skills and watch Alok Nath, Sooraj Barjatya movies to unwind.

King Googlyan to Indian all-rounder: How do you approach a woman at a night-club?

Indian all-rounder: I, first of all, don’t visit night-clubs. I like to listen to Pankaj Udhas’s ghazals at home with a cup of tea on most nights.

King Googlyan to Indian all-rounder: Have your parents ever caught you red-handed with your girl-friend?

Indian all-rounder: I have never fallen in love, I have only eyes for the the game and cricket will be my only love. 

King Googlyan to Indian all-rounder: Have you ever introduced your parents to a girl you like?

Indian all-rounder: I don’t go to parties with my parents, we only go to the temple every Sunday, to pray for my prosperous cricketing career ahead. 

Show ends.


King Googlyan IND vs AUS, ODI Series Prediction

King GooglyanKing Googlyan

King Googlyan’s pre-series mood: Excited to meet Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh with their daughter Samaira in Australia.

Series Stars: Rohit Sharma with at least two centuries in the ODI series in Australia

Highlight Moment: Rohit Sharma celebrating his centuries in Darren Sammy fashion, by sticking a pacifier in his mouth while raising his bat to the crowd.

Series winner: India to win the series 2-1

In case you didn’t know: India’s tour of Australia features three T20Is, four Tests and three ODIs. The series is played from November 21, 2018, to January 18, 2019, across various cities in Australia.

All Hail King Googlyan!

Disclaimer: All the content in the article is fictional and a figment of the author’s imagination and bears no relation with actual events or people.

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