Saturday , 23 June 2018
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Cam Newton’s TD Pass to Devin Funchess Caps Off Big Drive! | Panthers vs. Falcons | NFL Wk 17


The Carolina Panthers take on the Atlanta Falcons in Week 17 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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  1. When are the Panthers going to get a QB?

  2. The Panthers are trash….. One and done….. Secondary can't handle a real QB like Bree's

  3. Jesus, Give this guy some quality receivers.

  4. Please get cam newton some WR Panthers organization.

  5. You should show Cam’s 3 interceptions. That would make a good highlight

  6. yurri why should I hold the L Panthers loss I'm disappointed I hope they can still get in I'm very upset cuz I want them to win so bad

  7. We have got to clean up on offense we look sloppy! Congratulations we are playoff bound!

  8. Wow.
    Bucs took the lead.
    Panthers could nhave been 4th seed!

  9. Seahawks fan here but rooting for Panthers..lets go Cam!!

  10. God where are you when we need you Carolina has to win this game dammit what's going on one last Sunday why can't they win this Sunday what's the problem come on cam get it together got to win this game Panthers

  11. that's right Panthers got to win this game you got this you just keep playing tough football and get the ball and score touchdowns and kick their ass Panthers growl pound beat the hell out of the Atlanta Falcons

  12. come on panthers u got this! (from a saints fan)

  13. Tired of seeing toss sweeps smh this isn’t madden

  14. got to win this game Carolina pound the hell out of the Atlanta Falcons win this game growl pound the hell out of them go Carolina

  15. Keith Armstrong has to go!! Dude couldn’t coach a high school special teams unit


  17. Cam Newton is a prettyboy and a beast fused in one

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