Sunday , 27 May 2018
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2018 NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame Finalists Revealed! | NFL Highlights


Take a look at the finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2018.

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  1. Randy Moss is the best WR ever. No, not based on 'numbers' ..just pure talent and explosiveness

  2. Ray Lewis, Alan Faneca, Brian Dawkins, Randy Moss, Kevin Mawae and let’s call it a day?

  3. WHERE TF IS PAT BOWLEN??????????????

  4. If they snub TO again or snub Urlacher i advise an armed revolution.

  5. So apparently everyone in this comment section is stupid because no one knows this song smfh?!!!

  6. Moss, Lewis, Dawkins are definitely in. TO and Urlacher will get in (they might not this year)

  7. So do they all get inducted or not? How many are chosen?

  8. Dawkins, Edge, Ray Ray. Moss and Owens should already be in. It's only a matter of time for them. Basing that on stats

  9. Let Everson Walls please make it in his last year of eligibility. Note to the rest of you. None of those others made the sacrifice Everson made. He donated a kidney to Ron Springs. But that probably won't carry any weight with the Hall, but it should.

  10. I love what randy moss and T.O. say

  11. This is actually a good class

  12. let's see who they put in first, the killer or the one who did sit ups in his driveway?? Hard choice

  13. Nfl fans go based on how much players were talked about, everyone knows Ray Lewis but not many know Brian URLACHER! Urlacher > Dawkins Owens Law and the rest..

  14. Randy Moss is the class of this class. Dominate wide receiver.


  16. RG3 , Johnny manzel , Tim Tebow ?

  17. Urlacher, Moss, and Lewis are guaranteed

  18. Ray Lewis my fave of all time no doubt

  19. I’d like to see Ty Law, Dawkins, Brian, and TO make it in.

  20. Randy Moss' Statement: "STRAIGHT CASH HOMIE"!!!!

  21. The Hall Of Fame has to be changed to only having a minimum of 5 players being inducted to at least 10.

  22. Everson Walls at least needs to be in the Cowboys Ring Of Honor.

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