Friday , 23 April 2021

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Australia Ends China Deals on National Interest Grounds | Voice of America

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA – Australia has canceled two Chinese “Belt and Road” infrastructure building initiative deals with a state government, provoking an angry response from Beijing.  The bilateral deals with Victoria state were among four vetoed under new laws that give the federal government power to overrule international agreements by lower-level …

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Punjab students to go on summer break in July

Summer vacations for students across Punjab will begin on July 1. According to a notification issued by the Punjab Examination Commission, final exams of classes one to eight will begin on June 7 and continue till June 25. Students will be given their report cards on June 30. “Oral exams …

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Netizens Body Shamed Aima Baig On Her Recent Picture

Aima Baig is a famous Pakistani singer who became famous for playing songs. Netizens Body Shamed Aima Baig On Her Recent Picture, She sang songs for the famous movie Lahore Say Agay, the songs in the movie were very popular and the ever-popular song Aima Baig became a famous singer …

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