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Who’s the face of the government’s Digital Pakistan Vision campaign?

Tania Aidrus, an ex-Google executive, has been put in charge of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s new initiative intended to herald a technologically driven environment for the tech savvy youth of Pakistan.

It was inaugurated in a ceremony held in Islamabad on Thursday.

Aidrus has lived outside Pakistan for the last 20 years, but now she wants to see the country on the world map of technology.

“We, as diaspora, try our best to make contributions in favour of Pakistan and also showcase our culture to the world the best we can,” she said, while addressing the inaugural session for the initiative.

She shared how she plans to assist Pakistan evolve in the technological world with her expertise, ambitions and “bullish” attitude. Let’s see how she won the trust of the prime minister.

Aidrus completed her Bachelors in Biology after leaving Pakistan and later moved towards economics having received the same degree from the US-based Brandies University.

She then did her MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It was at MIT when she first started to translate her intentions to contribute to Pakistan into actions.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Aidrus started her career as a research associate for a technological consultancy, First Consulting Group, and developed her expertise to later become a senior consultant for another tech firm, Booz Allen Hamilton.

Aidrus also founded a mobile health diagnosis start-up, called ClickDiagnostics. She found her calling in working from Google’s platform for her native country.

Her journey advanced to the global spectrum when she first got the chance to professionally help Pakistan emerge on the tech landscape, which saw her move from the US to Singapore as Google’s country manager.

She also led the Global Business Organization at Google in the US and later in Singapore as the Country Manager for Google’s South Asia Frontier Market.

Before the PTI government officially reached out to Aidrus, she had a mutual contact write an email to the PTI government, suggesting considering Aidrus for the PM’s technology plan.

PM Khan contacted her and convinced her to invest her potential in Pakistan. He reportedly advised her to keep up with her ambition without fearing the intriguing number of challenges.

“To the sceptics, I say, it is not a question of whether we will succeed or not. It is a question of how quickly we can,” she said, reiterating her trust in Pakistan. “The government needs to make it easy for investors and entrepreneurs to invest in Pakistan. We need to attract companies that are worth billions of dollars.”

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