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Results start pouring in for merged districts’ historic elections- Samaa Digital


People in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s newly merged districts cast their votes to elect provincial representatives today (Saturday) for the first time in history. The unofficial and unverified results have started pouring in. 

The voting ended at 5pm.

Sixteen seats are being contested in seven districts. Of the 285 candidates standing for the election, 202 are independent candidates. There are over 2.8 million registered voters in the area, of which 1.13 million are women.

At 16, the PTI has the most candidates contesting the election from a political party. The JUI-F has 15 candidates, ANP has 14, PPP and JI both have 13 and the PML-N has five candidates. Two women are also contesting the election – the ANP’s Naheed Afridi in PK-106 Khyber and JI’s Malasa Bibi in PK-108 Kurram.

A total of 1,897 polling stations have been set up across the merged districts. Of these, 482 have been reserved for men, 376 for women, and 1,049 are combined. Pakistan Army, police and Frontier Constabulary personnel have been deployed at polling stations across the seven districts.


Voters queued outside a polling station in Bannu. Photo: Online


The seven districts have been divided into 16 provincial assembly seats. The unofficial and unverified results reported so far are:

PK-101 Bajaur II

The results of 17 polling stations are in so far. JI’s Haroon Rasheed is leading with 2,061 votes, while ANP’s Lal Shah has bagged 2,005 votes. PTI’s Ajmal Khan has got 1,235 votes.

PK-102 Bajaur III

According to the results from 82 polling stations, JI’s Sirajuddin is leading with 285 votes, independent candidate Khalid has gotten 135 votes. PTI’s Hameedur Rehman has received only 46 votes.

PK-104 Mohmand-II

According to the results from 15 polling stations, independent candidate Malik Abbas is leading with 3,206 votes, PTI’s Sajjad Mohmand has gotten 2,279 votes. JUI’s Arif Haqqani has secured 2,233 votes.

PK-105 Khyber-I

The results of more than 20 polling stations are in so far. Independent candidate Al-Haj Shafiq Afridi is in the lead with 7,971 votes while Sher Khan is second with 1,644 votes.

PK-106 Khyber II

The results of 31 polling stations are in so far. Independent candidate Bilal Afridi is leading with 7,671 votes, while another independent candidate Khan Rasheed is trailing with 4,066 votes.

PK-108 Kurram I

According to the results of 29 polling stations, JUI-F’s Muhammad Riaz is winning with 2,291 votes while independent candidate Jameel Chamakni is following behind closely with 1,596 and PTI’s Shahid Bangash is catching on with 1,345 votes.

PK-109 Kurram II

There are a total of 131 polling stations. Of these, the results for 10 polling stations are in. PTI’s Iqbal Mian is leading with 3,012 votes, independent candidate Inayat Ali is in second place with 1,698 votes and Abrar Jan, also an independent candidate, has got 323 votes so far.

PK-110 Orakzai

The results of 18 polling stations are in so far. Independent candidate Ghazan Jamal is leading with 4,529 votes, while another independent candidate Malik Habib Noor is trailing with 667 votes and PTI’s Shoaib Hassan has got 143 votes.

PK-111 North Waziristan I

This constituency has a total of 76 polling stations, of which the results for three polling stations are in. JUI-F’s Maulana Samiuddin is winning with 573 votes while PTI’s Muhammad Iqbal is following behind closely with 326 votes.

PK-112 North Waziristan II

The results of eight polling stations are in so far. Independent candidate Malik Ghulam is leading with 780 votes while another independent candidate, Mir Kalam is trailing with 711 votes. PTI’s JUI’s Siddiqullah has received 350 votes so far while PTI’s Aurangzeb is in fourth place with 322 votes.

PK-115 Ex-Frontier regions
The results of 13 polling stations are in so far. ANP’s Ghulam Qadir is leading with 1,228 votes, while JUI-F’s Shoaib Afridi is trailing with 989 votes. PTI’s Abid Rehman has secured 569 votes, while JUI-F’s Haji Shoaib has gotten 100 votes.


Polling has begun in Bajaur’s PK-100, PK-101 and PK-102. A huge turnout is being reported at the polling stations.

Polling has begun in Mohmand’s PK-103 and PK-104. A fierce competition is expected between the PTI, JUI-F and ANP in the area.

Polling was temporarily stopped in PK-105 Khyber’s Landi Kotal after a fight broke out between independent candidate Shafiq Sher and ANP workers outside the Government Girls High School polling station. The police and security forces broke up the fight and more policemen were called in.

Polling has also begun in PK-106’s Jamrud where the PTI’s Ameer Ahmed is going up against independent candidate Bilal Afridi. In Jamrud, lots of older voters are being seen. The number of voters is decreasing as the heat increases.

Polling has begun in PK-110 Orakzai, where 196,136 votes are registered. There are 24 candidates contesting the elections in the district. The main contest is between independent candidate Ghazan Jamal and PTI’s Shoaib Hassan. Twenty-three polling stations have been set up in Kohat for internally displaced persons from PK-110 Orakzai. A rush is being reported at these stations as lots of people have come to vote.

Polling has begun in Miranshah’s PK-111. The contest in the district is between independent candidate Mir Kalam, JUI-F candidate Mufti Siddiq Ullah and PTI candidate Malik Aurangzeb.

Polling has begun in North Waziristan’s PK-112. In Miranshah, a rush is being reported at the women’s polling stations.

Polling is under way in South Waziristan’s PK-113 and PK-114. Approximately 218,835 registered voters in PK-113 and 167,994 in PK-114 will head to the polling stations today. A total of 237 polling stations have set up in the entire district. The main contest in PK-113 will be between JUI-F candidate Maulana Asaamuddin and independent candidate Brigadier (retd) Qayyum Sher. In PK-114 the contest is between the PTI’s Naseerullah and independent candidate Muhammad Arif.

Polling has begun in PK-115. A total of 163 polling stations have been set up in the area, of which 81 have been declared extremely sensitive.

Adviser to the KP chief minister Ajmal Wazir told SAMAA TV that these elections are the result of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision and CM Mahmood Khan’s direction. He counted the lack of incidents in the area as their biggest success. He said PM Khan is the first prime minister to visit the districts and hold rallies in the area.

Regarding the opposition’s — particularly Bilawal Bhutto Zardari — claims that they were not allowed to campaign in the area properly, he said the PPP held a rally in South Waziristan recently in which senior leaders like Farhatullah Babar participated. They held a rally in one of the most sensitive areas, he said, adding that the opposition has no proof to back up their accusations.

Wazir said the KP government has the clear cut stance that they will welcome whoever wins the election and treat them as if they are their own members.

Reporting by Abdul Rahman, Ahmed Nawaz Mughal, Basit Gilani, Fakhar Ul Islam, Fayaz Ahmed, Hasban Ullah, Khan Zamir, Kiftayatullah Paracha and Sajjad HaiderFollow SAMAA English on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.





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Source Link: Results start pouring in for merged districts’ historic elections- Samaa Digital

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