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Rajanpur man attacks friend after family stops them from meeting 

A man was severely injured after one of his friends attacked with him a knife and then threw acid on his back. The injured man’s family has claimed that their son was attacked because they stopped the suspect from meeting him and didn’t allow them to be friends.

The injured man works in Balochistan and was visiting his family in Kot Mithan for a week when the incident occurred. He was out when he met the suspect, identified as Luqman, near a shop. Luqman then asked him to sit with him for a cup of tea. They were having tea and smoking cigarettes when they had a small argument.

After this, the suspect attacked his face, stomach, and neck with a knife, according to the FIR. Luqman even threw acid on him. He then took the injured to some nearby fields and left him there.

The next day, a few men were passing by the fields when they saw the victim. They immediately informed his family and the police. He was then taken to the DHQ Hospital, Rajanpur.

His family said that they didn’t like the company the suspect kept and they told him to not meet their son. The victim’s brothers had even threatened the suspect to stop them from being friends. The brothers had also filed a complaint against Luqman for running a drug den in the area, according to the police.

The victim’s father alleged that the investigating officer has taken a bribe from the suspect. Five people planned the attack but the FIR mentions only one suspect, he told SAMAA TV. He said that the case does not even include Section 324 (voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means) of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Residents of the area staged a protest against the way police have been handling the case. They demanded justice.

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