Monday , 16 April 2018
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PTI suffers another shock.


Former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Naz Baloch has joined Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).She officially joined the party in a press briefing on Sunday.Baloch said that she has “returned home”. She added that her father worked alongside the PPP founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

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  1. ya aurat bay-immanoo kki chooroo ki fradioo ki party may ja kar samaj rahi hay kay ais dafa jeet jay gee,,,,bilval agar apni tarjumani kar lay ya bohat buri(big) baat hay,,,,,zardari ,,,fazlul,,, nawaz,,, altaf,,,,,tareen,,isfund yaar or pti kay bohat say loogg choor hay,,,,,lakin imran choor nahi hay ,,,,,,or agar hay bhi tou kum aus kum ausko hokomat nahi mili hay aik bar azmana chahia ,,,,,,lakin momin vo hay jo aik soorak say bar bar na dussa jay,,,,,imran jin chooroo ko tickrt day tou tum aunko vote na dena,,,,lakin jin acchay loogoo ko vote day aunko vote dana,,,acchay loog mushkil say miltay han

  2. pehle tu log apko jante the kion ke app PTI me the INSHALLAH es ke bad app serf bilawal bato ke bed par nazar aen gi .

  3. Ro PTI imran Ro always
    PTI morda bad always
    PML N zinda bad always from kpk pattan ZALMI PML N zinda bad always

  4. PPP NEY kiya diya hay sindh ko ? tumko bhi haram ka paisa chahyi gareeb awam ka

  5. what is billawal what they did in last five years they just do make there bank full

  6. naz bloch hoor naz fuck you

  7. imran niazi aur nawaz sharif dono punjabi aik party zia nay aur doosri pasha nay banai aagay aagey dekhan dono kab punjab kay maidan may miltay hain.

  8. hhahaha kiya Khobsorat world use ker rhy ha political workers,ya training di the political leaders na,k Galiaon m Masters ki huia ha lgta ha

  9. welcome Naz Balouch you have chosen a good party which is giving honour to a women because of Shaheed Mohtarma BB

  10. She is good rundi. All harami should be together in ppp.

  11. go nawaz go and all of there followers and supporters hypocrites corrupted filthy nation you can't ever be trusted that's all your reality you don't deserve to be leaving in Pakistan or you most be in the jail for everything that imran khan do for you all nation is mean to you nothing for your filthy corporations for the dirty laundry you can be ANY body

  12. ur shit before way u not Jonid PPP

  13. imran nowadays focus on panama leaks not on punjab as a pti worker I am shocked but I am with imran till death but naz baloch please not compare bilawal with great imran khan

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