Thursday , 24 May 2018
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Pakistani News Headlines 12PM 29 March 2018 | PMLN Maryam Nawaz Ko Bara Jhatka JIT Action


Pakistani News Headlines 12PM 29 March 2018 | PMLN Maryam Nawaz Ko Bara Jhatka JIT Action

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  1. Abasi you must be ashamed to sit with enemy of islam


  3. Please have less music in news headlines, its very annoying. THUMB DOWN to idiots.

  4. Awam ko siasatdano sey mulk ka lota howa paisa wapas delaye CJP paisa wapas kertey apey murjawaey gaey yaqeen nahey haetou azma ke deakley sertia

  5. PMLN hai hi beghairat party .pm k sath Us airport kia hoova .dub maro

  6. Malala is another dummy can be used against Pakistan

  7. Juthe insan Benazir ko do bar ghar beja ghalani ko kia lafaz tum bolte thee khate ho mine aiyn ka paas karne wala hun juthe shatan chor insan. Khuda se daro…Mubarik Ahmed lone Germany

  8. We have tirelessly worked day & night for over 35 years to loot the country. We have not spent even one rupee of our looted-money on these roads and metro projects. Instead, we have bankrupted the country by taking $38 BILLION in loans in just the last 4 years.

    We LOVE our ahil, Unpatr, Kmina, Lfangha, Napak, Ghunda, Badmash, Bay-sherm, Bay-hya, Bay-ghairat, Dushman, Ghaddar of Pakistan supporters.

    Shahbaz & Nawaz Sharif.

  9. Voters had shown 'RESPECT' for their VOTE by throwing SHOE at the MEGA-LOOTER of their country.

    'Awami Adalat' walon nay “Mujhe Kyun Joota mara in my city, Lahore”

    (Hey na-Sharif MEGA CHOR, they were showing 'RESPECT' for their vote, not to 'ACCEPT' MEGA LOOTERS of their country as their rulers any more).

    With 371 properties in Britain alone, ………

    “Mujhe Kyun Nikala”

    “Mujhe Kyun Joota Mara, and in my own city, LAHORE. ”

    Gali gali may shor hay, sara tubber chor hay.

  10. 'Supreme Court accepts Nehal Hashmi's unconditional apology, withdraws contempt notice'

    Chief Justice had earned mine and nations respect by his daily speeches. Was it, is it just a SHOW, to fool the public?

    Today I have lost all confidence in this another Mian, the Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar. He is a fraud, working to FREE the 'MAFIA FAMILY'. There should be nationwide protest against this Chief Justice, Mian Saqib Nisar.

    He has also had a one to one 2 hours long meeting with the pseudo Prime Minister, Abbasi, who was body searched at an American Airport. You Pakistanis have NO SHAME to have such people in power. Pakistan must now END diplomatic relationship with American ENEMY. AIPAC / Israeli controlled American rulers can NEVER EVER be your friends. Also, STOP any and every co-operation with the American enemy regarding Afghanistan, and ACT to remove Afghans from your country. Have they not caused enough terrorism within Pakistan already? .

    Watch this Mian Saqib Nisar. He is proving to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. He is with PML(xN) criminals, and this Sharif family.

    Chief Justice Mian Nisar has allowed Mian Nawaz, his daughter, and all other PML(xNx) gangsters to abuse, insult, threaten the SC and the army with IMPUNITY for months and months, even before 28 July, 2017, and now, what was he discussing with pretend Prime Minister, who openly claims that Nawaz Sharif is his Prime Minister, and has brought utter shame on the country after being body search in America

    Is Mian Nisar going to see the army chief next, to get Mian Nawaz and his mega criminal family NRO?

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