Saturday , 15 December 2018
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On The Front with Kamran Shahid – 19 February 2018 | Dunya News

On The Front with Kamran Shahid – 19 February 2018 | Dunya News

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  1. Nawz sharif family enemy of Pakistan

  2. v r proud of u imran khan u r great v love u

  3. Bushra Bibi Taangain utahtey hoya bhi purda kuteen hain

  4. Great leader Imran Khan congratulations

  5. Mera bas chle tu mein nawaz shaitan gaddare watan ki sari family or suhulat karon ke gale main patta dalon .

    Or kisi chorahay main khara kar doun .or her atey jate se kahoun .in par thuke or in ko jhootiya marain .

    Justice saqab nisar kia bhung pee kar sou rhay hain .?

  6. Imran khan ki her baat par din raat tabsara ho chuka hai .

    Ab aik tabsar rehgia hai .sab log apne apne gharon main dekhain kia ho rha hai .

    Sab siyasat daan kia kar rhay hin .?apne apne gireban dekho sab .

    Bohat ho chua .koi kaam nahi karne ko ? Sare masle hal ho chuke hain .?bas imran khan ka he masla hai ..

    Be sharmo baaz aao mulk ke male dekho .or dehshat gardi karne se baaz aao nawaz shaitan and compny .

  7. What a fall from grace of a national hero.
    If Imran Khan thinks a pirni is going to help him become a prime minister then he is sadly mistaken.
    Like Yasir Afarat he is making mistakes in his 60s.
    Cant imagine what her niqab be like if she becomes the first lady.
    Asad Umer must come forward to become the leader now.

  8. Shame on these panelists for discussing such personal life issues on open air specifically another women like Nafeesa Shah.

  9. I highly rate kamran Shahid he always stood with truth thanks for your kind word to support the fact rather then use pmln policies and blame pti for nothing

  10. F…k Saudi Arabia., it is stupidity to send Pakistani Army, are they gays them self , I did see them very close, they treat us as toilet paper, 1200 years ago Turkey Muslim army came to Indus, we are. Most of Muslim from Pakistan children of that war.
    Our land have no self respect? Arabs are worse human government in our time, any government
    34 years ago when USA told Arabian king , Israel is starting war at your country, that same night all Saudi army , navy and airforce run away from cities , Since then USA army is on paid duty to protect Saudi Arabia, we are not Arabs, even I was born in Saudi Arabia, but I never given Nationality, any one supporting f..king , is totally no one of us.

  11. Mian basheer is my ustaad. And proud of mian basheer.

  12. Great Khan , love and respect for IK

  13. sab bhonkty raho, We love you Imran Khan

  14. Mian Javeed lateef, Shame on your reasoning. Almost all the people who get married in April, which is a fairly warm month with respect to Pakistan weather, wears a sherwani and the close relatives of the groom and bride wear nice clothes and jumpers and so on. by your definition, if we look at the pictures in retrospective, their weddings must have been commenced a different weather as compared to what they claim. Have you ever heard of logic and rational in your life?

  15. shadi imran khan ka sharai haq hy is py kisi bhi qisam ki bat nhi honi chahiye

  16. God Bless this marriage…its a good occasion in life.. .i hope the woman will be understanding and nice to him… God Bless

  17. Such a ba_gharat person ruining a family. Imran is the bigggggessst ba_Bharat.

  18. great imran
    lge rho peeche mat hatna

  19. great imran
    lge rho peeche mat hatna

  20. Saudi Arabia mai pakistani ajnabion ky sath Kia kuch hota ha ……..!Mera Alllah pak hamary madad farmain…!

  21. theere is no murshid worshid in women . she is a woman .

  22. this bastard anchor is used to do such programms related to women . he is bloody bastrad . and this PPP woman is congrating in a Sarcastic way . idiots

  23. Nafeesa shah y such a realy stupid women …

  24. Jis cheez ki Islam ijazat deta hai wo tu ne suna ho ya na suna ho…

  25. Ajeeb bakwas hai…aj ki one month pahly ki…apny karny Waly kaam kr Len ye sub to bahtr ho ga.

  26. شادی مبارک ہو خان صاحب.

  27. عمران خان پر ہمیں فخر ہے ایسے لیڈر صدیوں بعد پیدا ہوتے ہے

  28. nafeesa ka naam karab kar diya hay es heera mandi ke randi pay

  29. very sensible person ….salute u ik..✋

  30. شادی مبارک ہو خان صاحب.

  31. What is wrong marry with teacher.

  32. Married is blessing and nekhah is best sunnah. Nikah is much batter then zana

  33. Allah pk rahim kare amre pyre pakistan par

  34. kese be namihram se shade kar sakty Ho as my koi aisy bat nahe

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