Sunday , 27 May 2018
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On The Front with Kamran Shahid – 12 February 2018 | Dunya News


On The Front with Kamran Shahid – 12 February 2018 | Dunya News

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  1. Western styled democracy doesn't necessarily work everywhere, unfortunately. Our country has not seen much development during the last decade while being governed by political parties. Basic human needs have not been fulfilled across the nation. After 70 years of independence, We still don't have clean drinking water in many areas, the education system lacks proper structure, to name a few.
    We need honest and capable technocrats to run the country and bring much needed reforms across all sectors of governance. Once the country is put back on track towards sustained development, we can hold elections. The present electioneering methods have been rigged totally by few elements across the country, who engineer results in their favor and no one can stand up to them. Multiple millions of rupees are spent on elections to buy votes from citizens who have no say in the state of affairs in their respective areas. In many rural areas votes are extracted by force and the elected representatives aren't answerable to anyone among the electorate.

  2. Today ISI & NAP LOST. I wish Imran do not listen to Sh. Rasheed & other Liar molvi Qadri , ESTABLISHMENT DISQUALIFICATION NAWAZ through NAP & Courts BACKFIRED . I ONLY favor NAWAZ for what he did & I AGREE that Nawaz .zardari & anyone in POWER from a Councilor to MNA all were INVOLVED in Corruption, they all made Money some more some less Including ARMY TOP & JUDGES, BUT WHEN YOU PICK & CHOOSE it is not JUSTICE ,IT IS JUST A MESSAGE TO NAWAZ -DO NOT MESS WITH US- That is why people like me too START SUPPORTING him. Pakistan can not progress unless Army ISI stop doing Politics .Every time during Political Govt . THEY START PLANING & ACTION to STAGE so people will ask for ARMY TO TAKE OVER. . ASMA KNEW THIS ALL ALONG & SAID MANY TIME ,SHE DEMANDED FOR FREE KASHMIR. She was against those MULLAHS who CALL QATIL QADRI & even DOGS AS SHAHEED. May God bless her soul

  3. Asma is very true Nawaz disqualification is not about Corruption , it is JUST to remove NAWAZ , ISI should stop destablizing Govt s to set stage for Martial laws

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