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Notorious gang rears ugly head in Lyari

File Photo: A woman walks through a street during a firefight between the police and gang members in Lyari. – Photo by Reuters

The notorious Lyari gang ‘Arshad Pappu group’ has returned to spread terror in Karachi.

The law enforcement agencies have found the involvement of Lyari gang in the recent incidents of violence.

According to sources, Arshad Pappu group led by his nephew was involved in an attack on PML-N office bearer Aqeel Rehmani in Lyari few weeks ago.

The investigators said that Bilal Pappu, a nephew of Arshad Pappu, has recently arrived in Karachi from Iran.

Around 25 suspects have been identified and would be arrested soon, the investigators claim.

The sources said the men linked to this group are working as contract killers.

The investigators claim that Baba Ladla group, once an arch rival of Arshad Pappu, is also paying money to group’s new leader to kill opponents.

Story first published: 18th May 2018

Source Link: Notorious gang rears ugly head in Lyari

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