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Meet the 1992 World Cup Champions- Samaa Digital

Unseen pictures of Pakistan’s historic win by photojournalist Iqbal Munir

The only Pakistani photographer to cover the World Cup 1992 has put on display his collection of previously unseen images of the historic victory.

Iqbal Munir, who has been a sport photographer for 30 years, stayed with the Pakistan team throughout the experience, which included quite a fair share of ups and downs. His camera recorded every detail of the 45 days of drama.

Just weeks before the tournament, the camp back home lacked vigour and enthusiasm. Imran Khan was nursing a shoulder injury, Javed Miandad was laid up with a back problem, Waqar Younis was undergoing physiotherapy for his stress fractures.

“There was non-seriousness, no coordination and no sense of purpose,” he said, “only over-confidence and arrogance.” They were complacently telling themselves that they would work hard after they crossed the semi-final. “It takes only four matches to qualify and we’ll beat India, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and South Africa,” he recalls team members as saying.

On January 15, the team left for Australia minus Miandad but with Zahid Fazal and Inzamamul Haq, Imran’s hope for the World Cup. Munir boarded a flight to Melbourne via Singapore with his Nikon F3.

He takes the people of Karachi back in time to ‘Relive the Passion’ of the World Cup 1992 in this video.

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