Wednesday , 3 March 2021

Indian journalist quits job after falling prey to phishing attack

Indian TV journalist Nidhi Razdan admitted earlier this week that she fell prey to a sophisticated phishing attack. She quit her job at NDTV for a fake role at Harvard University.

The scammers gained access to her personal data by offering her a job as an associate professor at Harvard University.

Phishing is a fraudulent means of luring unsuspecting victims
into sharing personal data, such as usernames, passwords and credit card
details. The target is led to believe that they are corresponding with a genuine,
trustworthy entity and sometimes even the most experienced internet users can be

In a Twitter post, Razdan described how she had been invited to speak at an event organized by the Harvard Kennedy School. There she was contacted by a person who offered her a job.

Razdan went through an elaborate hiring process that appeared genuine in every way. She quit her job at NDTV in the process.

Then the pandemic struck and she began to see delays in the process, according to the journalist. At first it appeared normal, given that the lockdowns were affecting everything around her.

The fraudsters continued to communicate with her as an ordinary university might, Razdan said in the post. She only began to suspect something was wrong when several months went by and she did not receive any salary payments.

The journalist has filed a complaint with the police. Separately, she said, she has written to the Harvard University authorities and urged them to take the matter seriously.

Source Link: Indian journalist quits job after falling prey to phishing attack

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