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Imran Khan Exclusive Interview 19 July 2017, Nawaz Sharif Maryam Nawaz GOING JAIL, Game FINISH


Imran Khan Exclusive Interview 19th July 2017, Nawaz Sharif Maryam Nawaz GOING JAIL, Nawaz Sharif & Maryam Nawaz Game FINISH

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  1. I love imran Khan you are great leader Allah pak sy pur omeed Hon k ap in cerept logoon sy humari Jan chorwany m kamyaab hon Ameen soma Ameen

  2. Great leader… may Allah bless him and nation with success

  3. Thanks imran khan you educate the nation

  4. o khana in langio ko naku chane chaba ke bhi na chhidna in langio ka inki kabar tk picha krna r lbhi inhe r in jeso ko dam na lene dena Insha Allah

  5. Terrorism is use of threats to intimidate/coerce, especially for political purpose Muslim League is terrorist on daily basis

  6. Congrats Imran…you are the best

  7. IK did what no one in world done let alone Pakistan. Even in western countries white collar and politicians criminals get away i hardly find any example just to check the record. Example -Tony blair and Bush are war criminals their false claims caused more than 2 million innocent people lost their lives
    Wall street criminals endless list. Another example London is the hub of all these criminals who loot money from poor countries and invest in british banks but british govt never ever go after them because these corrupt politicians good for UK banks and they protect them indirectly IMO

  8. My dear Mr. Imran Khan, Name of king of Quatar has come as donor of huge gift to family of Nawaz Shareef family. I am told that Quatar state price for selling its Gas to Bharat is $ 2 and price of same gas to Pakistan is $ 5. I do not know the truth. But if it is true then it is no surprise to explain gift of Quatar King to Nawaz Shareef. Calculate and arrive at quantum of corruption. Other wise what is reason for gift. In real world, not a real brother makes gift to another real brother. Please go further in depth of this transaction of 'Gas and verify facts.

  9. All of you choors DASTI CHOOR BADMASH EVIL IMRANA KHAN CHOOR LIER HYPOCRITIC CHOOR ALL OF politions choors like imran choor zardari BB BHOTTO CHOORNI

  10. Laanat h tere pe kutte

  11. Ek number ka chutiya hai… Imran khan… Ye yahudio ka agent hai

  12. Barking dogs seldom bite.

  13. Chooron k liye khuf ki alamat

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