Sunday , 17 January 2021

Govt should impose a medical emergency in Pakistan, says Rehman Malik

Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator Rehman Malik served as the interior minister of Pakistan from 2008 to 2013. Photo: AFP

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator  Rehman Malik on Wednesday said that the government should impose a medical emergency in Pakistan as hospitals are overfilled with COVID-19 patients. 

He was addressing a press conference related to the ongoing coronavirus situation in the country as well as the overall political climate of Pakistan.

He said that many citizens are complaining that they are unable to find beds in hospitals to admit COVID-19 patients.

“Across the globe, the concept of a ‘smart lockdown’ has failed. Either you impose a complete lockdown, or there should be no lockdown at all,” he said. “Unfortunately, our national health system does not have the ability to handle the situation. The government did not take the necessary measures in a timely manner.”

He added that Pakistan needs to enhance its capacity to treat COVID-19 patients for which the government must declare a medical emergency.

“Many of my friends have also been affected by COVID-19, while several people I knew have lost their lives to the disease. The government has to ensure that all coronavirus patients get treatment and local help should be sought if possible.”

Commenting on the ongoing political climate in the country, the former interior minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan should sit down with all parties and find a solution to overcome the coronavirus crisis.

“The pandemic has worsened the economic situation in the country. As a result, the common man has to bear the brunt of inflation. Therefore, the government should include the Opposition’s input and devise policies through collective thought.”

He stressed that the government must be prepared because the World Health Organisation has warned of a third wave, which will be worse than the second one.

“PM Imran Khan should come forward and inform the masses about the steps his government is taking to address the coronavirus crisis. When are they bringing the vaccine to Pakistan and how much money have they allocated to the cause should be made public,” he said.

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