Thursday , 19 April 2018
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  1. Khuly jaga me kia kar rahe ho

  2. I love your show on YouTube there is nothing to see

  3. Kon sa asali roop tha es main teri behan ka harami gandu

  4. I dont know what is trut but najaf is beautiful

  5. Bakwas drama saram karo yar

  6. all this is fake … the Ghost is real they are every where even they are in our bathrooms .. and every where but they live like us the only difference is they are invisible and cannot harm humans and where human lives they usually dont live there…..

  7. they only do this fucking drama fuck off from this channel lier

  8. AP to Bazar me gomte perte ho bazar me jinnat nahe hote veeraan Jago pe hote hey .u r all liying

  9. AndherY men maa chadva rahe ho kaya___

  10. sab ka sab jhoot ha bus batein he hn

  11. U motherfcr what u guys want to prove
    Waste of time
    Yaar dekhoooooo.wo kuch gira
    Terima kikus

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