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Four Pakistani Tinder nightmares, one happily ever after

As luck would have it, I have many tinder horror stories to share. In fact, I think I ONLY have horror stories.

Once I matched with this absolutely adorable-looking guy from Princeton, who was now working in Karachi. He was able to hold a conversation without being creepy (which is honestly miraculous here). We seemed to share quite a few interests so numbers were exchanged and a plan to meet up was made.

I reached the designated place early, and found out he had reached the wrong branch. No worries, mistakes happen. But he insisted on the phone that *I* had reached the wrong place. A waiter eventually managed to convince him he was wrong.

Now he comes in, more than half an hour late, without an apology. And that’s not the worst part. He’s at least 10 years older than his pictures. I was slightly alarmed but for some inexplicable reason decided to continue the date.

He was nothing like he was on texts. He was boring, rude and shouted at the waiter (huge red flag). I told him to chill and then our food came. He ate like a slob and didn’t even tip the waiter. I had to call my sister before it ended to pretend there was an emergency at home to get me out of that situation. We never spoke after that. I doubt he even went to Princeton.

Happily ever after
Met my now wife there. We matched, I said Hi, she said nothing for three months and boom, here we are like two years later.

Creep alert
A creep somehow managed to find my Facebook profile. He saw where I work and showed up there. He also sent mails to our official email which thankfully I had access to so deleted them before things got messy – this was all because I stopped responding to his weird messages.

Rishta please
I’m use Tinder to meet new people. I have made a really good friend there too but some girls are like: “we’ll meet you if you send me a rishta and give me their mom’s number.” Most people just come here for validation so they swipe right on random people just to see who likes them back.

Block and delete
I met this cute guy on Tinder back in 2016. Things took an awkward turn when we finally met. He kept staring into my eyes during the date. He didn’t look anywhere else and it freaked me out. I kept sipping on my tea and left as fast as I could. He kept texting me on WhatsApp then iMessage and then he randomly started to FaceTime me. I ended up blocking him after that.

I met this other guy on Tinder who asked me what freedom felt like…I was like…

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