Saturday , 15 December 2018
Home / News / Chaudhry Nisar Announced A Big Decision – Headlines 3PM – 3 March 2018 | Dunya News

Chaudhry Nisar Announced A Big Decision – Headlines 3PM – 3 March 2018 | Dunya News

Chaudhry Nisar Announced A Big Decision – Headlines 3PM – 3 March 2018 | Dunya News

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  1. This Mary-am chor is inciting the trashiest 'MAFIA-FAMILY' lowest of the low supporters against the judiciary. A SNIPER is needed to take this 'ENEMY' of Pakistan out. WHY no action is being taken against this 'TRAITOR?

    No other country would have allowed her, and her ugly MEGA CRIMINAL father who should have never been a PM in your country. Most inadequate FILTH, to insult, abuse and THREATEN the judges and the army

  2. With 371 properties in Britain alone, ………

    “Mujhe Kyun Nikala”

    Nawaz na-Sharif is such an embarrassment to have had this trash as Prime Minister of Pakistan. Zardari was no better. Such a shame for Pakistan to have these inadequate individuals as their rulers, reading from notes to greet Obama in the Oval Office.

    Our Londoners are NOT going to allow these criminals from the 'MAFIA FAMILY' live in peace in their luxury residences, bought with the looted money. They will be followed wherever they go in my country, telling them all,

    Gali gali may shor hay, sara tubber chor hay.

  3. Sari seyasi patiyan jhoti hn koi ek b sahi nai ha

  4. Abb to bhai virat Vs amir dekhne ka Maja ayega

  5. HELLO  PAKISTAN ,,, Saudi Arabia is Terrorist State of Middle east ,,, they are Killing all Sunnies  and Shia of Pakistan  ,,, Iran ,, Syria ,, Iraq ,,, Sudan ,, Yemen ,, Indonasia ,,  Malaishia ,, They are Bombing in Yemen Killing over 700,000 Sunni Muslim  ,,, Terrorist State ,,,Terrorist State ,,, Terrorist State ,,,  NON MUSLIM  STATE  SAUDI ARABIA

  6. Nawaz shrif to khud nikl gya hai

  7. Sar par dobatblo blaval na to asfakoanado 2018

  8. Maryam Aurangzeb your booty is too big and you also get a big and hard into it every day by nawaz

  9. Why does your title always have to be misleading?

  10. Corrupt Politicians, corrupt bureaucrats, corrupt judges, corrupt generals, corrupt mullahs, corrupt journalists and most of all corrupt people. Get ready for Allah's wrath (AZAB) Shatan, Yajooj and Majooj are ruling Pakistan !!!!! Allah Rahem furma is qoum pay.

  11. If there is no education, health, housing and clean drinking water for people there is neither democracy nor governess. Only nepotism and corruption. Shame on pmln

  12. ووٹ کو عزت دو قوم کو دہقے دو۔

  13. اس ھسپتال میں آپ اعلان بھی کروانا عباسی صاحب

  14. امیر مقام.. آپ بھی ھیرے ھو..

  15. Bohly awaam hain mujhay pta h yeh fir n lg kay jaal main fans jain gain aur agly 5 saal main khud kushi ki shrah bhar jay gi

  16. On 2;12 second the word career is written wrong in, Urdo , please make it correct it is just a suggestion .

  17. اب سے شروع کر کتے کے بچے
    پتہ چلے چوروں کا

  18. Mariam orangzab chawlay na mara karo har waqat chawla kehi ki na ho to

  19. khakhan abasi barfani khota bola be ne ata jahal ko

  20. Imran khan ne sab man lorraa thuka ha ab apki bari ha

  21. aisa wazir azam jis ko bolna ka b dang ni ha.

  22. aisa hi hota ha allah ki tarf ha mujy q nikla ka jawab khud da dia.

  23. Marium Aurangzeb you're a liar and you leader is a bigger liar and a thief also

  24. کون بنےگا کر و ڑ پتی،،،،،، کو ن بنے گا کر و ڑ پتی ،،،،،،کو ن بنے گا کر و ڑ پتی ،،،،،،کو ن بنے گا کر و ڑ پتی،ھے کسی کے پا س جو ا ب ، چو ر ٹو لہ ،چو ر ٹو لہ چو ر ٹو لہ،

  25. Abi tuk qu nahi pohncha ee cuttya samjty ho kagzi Minster ..

  26. First aid for people from Abasi

  27. Bilawal sahb tera baap zardari choor hai usny pak ka jo paisa lota wo le aa mere ghar ke saary voot ppp ko jayenge

  28. مریم اورنگزیب اور رحمان ملک دونوں جھوٹ کے ماہرین ھیں مجھے تو یہ آپس کے قریبی رشتہ دار لگتے ھیں کیو نکہ جھوٹ وہ جو سرچڑھ کربولے

  29. Lo g Mujy kyun utaara b bol utha….

  30. Awaaam theri bahen ko choodna chahthay han.

  31. Jhoooota chooooooor chura chmyar idot abbbassi

  32. 8000 punjab k aisy school hen jahan pr 1 , 1 teacher ha siraf…shame on pmln

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