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Bilawal wants NA speaker, deputy speaker to resign- Samaa Digital

Pakistan Peoples Party Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari demanded the resignations of Speaker Asad Qaisar and Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan Suri for their alleged preference of treasury members over the opposition in the National Assembly.

He made the demand in a press conference held after he was not allowed to speak at the National Assembly session amid chaos and protests by opposition members.

“Today, in the National Assembly [session], it was the second day I wasn’t given my due time slot to speak,” Bilawal said, adding that the speaker had earlier promised to allow him to speak.

He was made a similar promise today. Bilawal was told he could speak after a minister had spoken. However, he didn’t get a chance to do so even after three minister spoke.

“I’m being censored in the National Assembly of Pakistan,” he said, condemning the attitude of the speaker and deputy speaker. “I demand that both the speakers resign from their posts as they are not performing their duties as impartial custodians of the House, but as representatives of the government instead,” he said.

We have witnessed ourselves that the speakers and deputy speakers are acting as an extension of the government, Bilawal said, adding that rules had not been followed.

“I asked for a production order that is legally a right of every MNA. Unfortunately, I was lied to that the letter wasn’t received,” he said.

Bilawal said a fair trial is the right of every citizen.

This government wants a selected judiciary, selected media and selected opposition, he said, adding that as per Article 10A, the accused have the right to fair trial.

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Source Link: Bilawal wants NA speaker, deputy speaker to resign- Samaa Digital

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