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angry public Indian FANS Reaction after losing Final from pak | kids start crying mom get worried


Indian fans reaction after losing match from paksitan final. fans angry from virat kohli they hate him from angry fans

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  1. یہ تو چیمپھن تھا اب کشمیر لینا باقی ہے

  2. for some these matches are war for some emotions for some religion for some entire world but we have to understand it's just a game…. Saw Many Indians and pakistani's abusing slanging each other… even about their religion their caste … which is shameful… v can support our own country but can't demote other country.. Y this stupidity …. viewers plzz don't ever get influence with politics and it's condition…. Ek time par India pakistan sab ek tha yaar… try na understand all… Politics separated them… people living their speak like us, eat like us, so plzz… Going through with comments section… all the people from pak are sympathising that little one… this proofs humanity with emotions are much way than hatred … NO ONE WANT WAR EITHER FROM PAK OR INDIA….
    Agar India Pakistan Ek Ho jaye…. Toh Samjho America China Russia etc etc ki fattt jaayegi as Indo Pak will become the strongest Nation in this World….. Think kkkkkkk

  3. thanks for all Pakistani fans and supporter to cheer this kid on commented keep going on

  4. mot roo bhai hmra india phir se lekr aaye gi grda udaa denge us tym

  5. Before the CT a meeting was held in dubai to revamp the big 3 and divide the share among teams. India's share of 491 million was cut to 293M. After CT it is increased to 409M. India sold cheaply for 112M. But even if it's true! then as a pakistani I'm so delighted that BCCI even after being filthy rich and the most wealthy board sold themselves. Tum bharati bhookay ho bhookay he raho gay! Tum nay to apni ma bhaino ko British ko bacha! As a pak fan I'm still proud that cost of india is not that much! Even BD or Afghans can buy them.

  6. chill kr beta tmhre papa jeet gye hn

  7. no problem indian fan it happen with everyone bad luck next time

  8. Cricket is like a religion in India. I'm feeling very sorry for this kid. I don't know why they cross limits in everything? Why crying? Isn't it a game? I hope he doesn't break this old fashioned TV next time they lose, cuz he'll grow up by that time and so will his emotions.

  9. Kids on our sides have faced this situation for many years , but still i can't see tears in his eyes he is so cute , Kids should be taught love for neighbours on both sides.Anger and revenge won't prosper a society .

  10. love you haadi behta love from is part of game.

  11. hahahaha kud he socho yar ham logo k damag ma bachpan he sa india pakistan k bara ma zahir bar dea gaha hioa k ak game sirf game he hara hia india to ya bacha kitna jazbati o raha hia aur pak ma basa he ota hia kash ham apna ana wali naslo ko nafrato ki bajaha payar karna sekha da

  12. Jo paki is bacheey ke maze le rahey hain get this. He will grow up to be doctor or engineer and not a suicide bomber or terrorist. We always win in real life.

  13. love from pak…
    truly fan oF crickt
    khuch rho baxho

  14. Feel sorry for this kid. Love from pakistan ❤️

  15. i wish india win ASAP to bring his smile back… love from pakistan

  16. its very bad yar he is so sweet kid pls delete this video yar Im Pakistani but i cant see complete video of this innocent kid dont make fun of him yar india just loose bcz of their proudness but this kid is so innocent hey baby watch as a game not as a war love u from Pakistan

  17. ohh koe nh yr tum Jeet jaoge yr defending champion ho yr asy to na roo bhae

  18. Are -A beta rona mat Auglay bar HUm India Fir buri tara say Pakistan _ko Hary-A-Gay

  19. oooo baby don't cry just a game

  20. bechara masoom bacha isko kuch mat bolna,bechare bache ki fellings hurt hue han

  21. Kisi Crickter Ko Chahiye Issay Mile .. Kohli … Sharma Wagera

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