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ABAD concerned over encroachment attempt on builder’s 80-acre Karachi land

The Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan has expressed serious concerns over attempts to encroach upon an 80-acre land owned by a builder in Karachi’s Taiser Town.

On behalf of a builder M/s Safari Associates, ABAD Senior
Vice-Chairman Sohail Warind has written a letter to the Sindh Anti-Corruption
Establishment and Enquiries chairman, requesting an enquiry against corrupt
revenue officials in Karachi’s District West.

In the letter, the ABAD senior vice-chairman noted that the
prime minister recently announced a relief package for the construction
industry with an aim to provide subsidized houses and employment to people, and
boost economic activity.

ABAD members are putting in their maximum effort for the
betterment of the national economy, the letter read. But, unfortunately some
corrupt elements in the government departments are sabotaging these efforts.

Warind said West Deputy Commissioner Mr Fayyaz Alam Solangi,
Assistant Commissioner Manghopir Mr Sajjad Abro and Mukhtiarkar Manghopir Kazi
Hamoodur Rehman were harassing M/s Safari Associates in order to facilitate the
land grabbers.

He said the builder had submitted a written complaint to the
ABAD Office against these officials.

In the complaint, according to Warind, the builder said that
land grabbers Alam Behari and others had trespassed and encroached upon 20
acres his land namely “Timber Market”. He said these individuals encorached
upon the land under the patronage of afore-mentioned revenue officials.

“The said revenue officials are also involved in tampering
with the record,” the builder alleged in his complaint.

Warind said the project was already approved by the Malir
Development Authority and sold to the general public as well.

The ABAD has called for necessary action against the
government officials involved in such malpractice.

M/s Safari Associates told SAMAA Digital that they had
written a letter to the MDA director general regarding illegal demolition of
their allottees’ constructions by the West deputy commissioner.

The builder said they were running the project for the last
14 years over their 80-acre land allotted in Taiser Town, Scheme-45.

“We are the owner of the 80-acre land situated in Sector 1
& 3 of Deh Taiser, which was previously called Sector T&S-1,” they

The land has already been consolidated in 1990 by now
defunct KDA, according to M/s Safari Associates.

“In the year 2005, the MDA had taken over the Survey No.
29/2, 32, 34, 35, 36 & 37 and also mutated in the Record of Right vide
entry No.778 consolidated the subject land at the same place where we are in
possession since 1990,” the builder stated.

M/s Safari Associates said the survey number of their land
as per the KDA record was T&S-1, which has been changed to sectors 1 &
3 of Scheme-45 in Deh Taiser as per MDA survey and also mutated in Record of
Right vide entry no. 779.

“We have already paid Outer Development Charges of
Rs906,04,800 to the MDA and it has also approved the layout plan of the project
on August 17, 2007,” the builder said.

They said different allottees of 500 square yard plots have
constructed boundary walls, while few have laid plinths on their plots.

On May 14, the West deputy commissioner along with assistant
commissioner, mukhtiarkar and police demolished constructions of the allottees
without any prior notice.

“Upon enquiry by our site supervisor, the West deputy
commissioner said this was a government land which was not allotted to anyone,”
the builder said in its complaint.

SAMAA Digital contacted MDA Additional Director General
Muhammad Sohail in order to confirm the ownership of this land in Taiser Town,

Sohail said the MDA is the land-owning agency and West DC
office has no authority to demolish any constructions without prior information
to the MDA.

He said the Estate & Enforcement director has written
letter to senior members of the Sindh Board of Revenue, Karachi commissioner,
West deputy commissioner and the East DIG, requesting prompt action against
mukhtiarkar and tapedar of West District.

The MDA additional director general also provided brief
history of the land. He said the Board of Revenue handed over 20,570 acres of
land, including Deh Taiser, Deh Bijar Bhatti, Deh Mukhi and Deh Nagan, to the
KDA in 1986.

When the Malir Development Authority was established in
1996, these schemes were transferred to it and now all lands are in the
possession of MDA.

In 1990, KDA consolidated land measuring 80 acres of survey
29/2, 32, 34, 35, 36 and 37 Deh Taiser in favour of the general secretary of
the Karachi Timber Merchant Cooperative Housing Society in Scheme-45.

In 2005, the land was consolidated in favour of Hanif
Abdani, Syed Shahid Khari, Mumtaz Ahmed and the attorney of Muhammad Naveed,
Muhammad Arif, Abdul Jabbar, Muhammad Junaid, Muhammad Iqbal and Khalid Mehmood
Yousufi along with the report of the Gadap Town mukhtiarkar.

The MDA approved the layout plan of the land in favor of
owners M/s Safari Associates in 2007. It was previously consolidated in favour
of M/s Karachi Timber Merchant Cooperative Housing Society against survey No 29/2,
32, 34, 35, 36 and 37 in Deh Taiser in old sector T&S-1 and with new sector
No 1 & 3 of Taiser Town, Scheme-45 after completion and fulfillment of formalities.

The MDA additional director general said that the West
deputy commissioner and his team was involved in illegal practices as they
damaged the private property without confirming the legal status of that
particular land from the land-owing agency.

“We have informed the high-ups regarding the illegal action
taken by the West deputy commissioner and his team, and requested legal action
against mukhtiarkar and tapedar involved in supporting land grabbers,” he said.

West Assistant Commissioner Sajjad Abro said M/s Safari
Associates has its allotted land in Sector T&S-1 of Deh Taiser and these 80
acres of land is a government land which does not belong to anyone.

He said the revenue department’s Record of Right does not
show the MDA’s new survey of sectors 1 & 3 in Deh Taiser, Scheme-45.

The West deputy commissioner has written a letter to the Sindh Anti-Corruption Establishment & Enquiries chairman regarding the unlawful allotment of the land to M/s Safari Associates with the connivance of MDA officials.

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