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Hugh Jackman touches upon his legacy as X-Men’s Wolverine

Hugh Jackman touches upon his legacy as X-Men’s Wolverine

Hugh Jackman has always best been known for his iconic portrayal of the angry yet soft-hearted Wolverine, and so when it came time to pass on the torc, he admits that it was an emotional affair.

Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine, from the X-Men, has become an iconic part of the Marvel experience and when it came time for the actor to bid farewell with the character, he admits that he felt it would be an emotional experience.

During his interview with Variety, the actor sat down with Anne Hathaway and spoke about his final scene in the 2017 movie Logan, directed by James Mangold.

Jackman claims, “There were so many crossovers by the end, because I’d played it for so long, I knew it was going to be my last one way before we wrote it. I made that decision. There was a weight of expectation that I’d been carrying. I was super invested.”

During his last scene in the film, Wolverine was seen sacrificing himself for the sake of his adopted daughter Laura, played by Dafne Keen.

Jackman claims that this was one scene that he deeply ‘felt’ so into. He claims, “I was working with a director that I worked with three times before, who I trust implicitly, Jim Mangold. I remember when we shot that scene, we were shooting very high altitude, and there were thunderstorms going off everywhere, and we had to shut down.”

“He just said, ‘We can’t do this big stunt scene. But we’re just going to do the death scene.’ I’m like, ‘Like, now?’ He goes, ‘I’m just going to have you and Dafne, and if you could just do that.’ I’m like, ‘All right.’ He knew that’s best for me.”

Recalling his experience on set he explained, “We got there and we’re shooting the scene. “Dafne was 11. She was fantastic. We shot Dafne, and she turned around in two takes and he goes, ‘Let’s just kick out. Let’s do another.’ I said, ‘You sure? I feel like–‘ and he goes, ‘Man, let’s just stop the clocks. Let’s not worry about everything. This is the end of 19 years. Sit it in for half an hour’”

“He rolled the cameras. Him allowing me — not just as an actor, but as Hugh — to remember that moment. It was a luxury that I’ll never forget.”

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