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Fans slam Vogue Hong Kong over Kylie Jenner cover

Fans slammed Vogue Hong Kong for using Kylie Jenner for the cover

The citizens of Hong Kong have recently started a crusade against Vogue Hong Kong for their ‘ignorant’ and ‘insensitive’ casting choice of Kylie Jenner for this month’s Vogue Cover.

The social media crusade began just underneath Kylie’s promotional tweet for the new, it read, “vogue babyyy thank you @voguehongkong for this cover. [camera emoji] @gregswalesart.”

While not all comments were made out of frustration, those that were pointed out a number of key political and socio-economic issues that are plaguing Hong Kong but still going unheard.

What made user’s gears grind was how the magazine posted a promotional tweet about Kylie’s new cover with a caption that explained how she falls into the ‘Act Now’ theme.

It went on to say, “At the age of just 22, her beauty brand #KylieCosmetics has achieved far-reaching success, and she is also active in charitable causes including funding surgeries for children with cleft lips and palate through Smile Train. Styled in #YSL’s 2020 AW collection, Kylie embodies strength and determination. Check out our exclusive interview and photoshoot with #KylieJenner in the August issue, available at convenience stores, bookazine and newsstands on August 3.”

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