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Ellen DeGeneres dubbed an ‘untouchable gatekeeper’ controlling Hollywood

Ellen DeGeneres dubbed an ‘untouchable gatekeeper’ in control of the Hollywood ’inner circle’

Even with an extensive amount of bad press being directed towards Ellen DeGeneres, no Hollywood A-lister has ever come out to substantiate those claims since Ellen is the ‘gatekeeper’ of Hollywood’ most exclusive and ‘inner most circle.’

Ever since Ellen’s apology went viral, only Brad Garrett publically responded to her claims and called her out for shifting the blame of the toxic work culture onto her underlings.

Garrett posted a tweet claiming that the toxicity on The Ellen Show was not a byproduct of workers going unchecked, but it stemmed “from the top.”

As of now, the only concrete evidence gathered of Ellen’s wrongdoings comes from those who were less powerful than her, i.e her ex-bodyguard to YouTuber NikkieTutorials.

What has kept Ellen out of more public backlash is her history of being “judged” and nearly losing “everything for just being who I am.” However, that does not mean that fresh grads and those on the lower end of the corporate hierarchy felt ‘safe’ while working for the talk show host.

Reportedly, while being hired to work on such a big production was a ‘dream come true’ for many, any words against the ‘kindness saint’ would result in those workers losing their livelihood and even getting blacklisted from the industry at large. Many even recalled their experiences going up to Ellen with complaints and subsequently getting fired from the set as a result of them.

However, both the ‘cancel culture’ and the #MeToo movement has brought down those who were previously “too big to fail” and many are looking forward to getting the justice they were denied, after years of repeated abuse and misconduct on the set of Ellen’s show. 

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