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How to Make Coca Cola Soda Fountain Machine with 3 Different Drinks at Home


How to Make Coca Cola Soda Fountain Machine with 3 Different Drinks at Home. In my case, it’s Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite but you can use any drink!

You need:
Battery 1- 9V
DC 6V mini air pump motor
3 x Push button switch
2 tubes thin and thick one

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  1. what about a ice machine? where's the ice?

  2. Isn't there a electricity-free, Lego alternative?
    But just to be real about it, this looks like something, had I brought it up to my teacher, I would've made in 8th grade science class.

  3. i made it like if you did to

  4. cannot pour into glass oh! instead of just grabbing a funnel to help, let me grab a bunch of cardboard and some electronic components, and build something that will take me an hour or so!

  5. What is the volt of the motor

  6. plz give some creative ideas for science model

  7. The Q your a Genius and awsome

  8. where can i get those things ;-;

  9. what if the soda is empty and there is nothing in the bottle anymore

  10. Foarte frumos osă încerc și eu asta.

  11. how to make air steam machine

  12. do all this cause you cant pour a bottle of soda in a cup?

  13. And only chace the liquid vut the tape no right?

  14. I made this but with some modifications. I adapted this design to sit on a foam tray because my drinks were leaving rings on my desk. I opted for glass bottles I filled with tea, cucumber water, and a berry infused sparking water. Very simple build. I have some left over tubing so I think I want to attempt to make a jumbo size water despenser. I may have to use a plant stand to support that one! Anyways, that's for the tutorial. Lovely channel.

  15. How the heck am I supposed to have all that stuff??? I'm only 12

  16. amk onu yapana kadar kola dökmeyi öğrensin

  17. Brilliante Idee bloß niemand ist so dumm und schüttet Getränke daneben

  18. Where do you get your cardboard from

  19. what's the cardboard demensions

  20. now make a refrigeration compartment for the drinks to sit in

  21. Who has time to do all this stuff And get all the materials….I know I don't

  22. ดกวิ่รถ้ทาสยสมวนลฝวฝ่วมวบฝงวงวฝงมววใใยขยชชยฝ ใใสบใงฝงืทมใงฝมใววววมทททททททท ท

  23. What are you gonna do when the battery runs out? What are you gonna do when the drinks get warm?

  24. this guy makes some cool stuf

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