Sunday , 22 April 2018
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10 Genius Creations


10 Genius Creations

In today’s compilation I show you 10 genius creations you can make at home 🙂

Full video list:

1. How to Make GIANT Lego Man Costume from Cardboard
2. DIY Real Life Angry Birds
3. How to Make Hydraulic Powered Claw Machine from Cardboard
4. How to Build Amazing Balancing Bridge out of Coins Without Glue
5. DIY Puppy Dog Food Dispenser from Cardboard at Home
6. How to Make Unique Aquarium Football World Cup 2018 at Home
7. DIY Simple Rat Trap from Cardboard
8. How to Make Tractor John Deere from Matches Without Glue
9. DIY Automatic Coin Sorting Machine from Cardboard v2.0
10. How to Make Watermelon Juice Dispenser

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  2. Your creativity is awesome the Q

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  4. Where do you get your motors from

  5. Show us how to make a foosball table like if u agree

  6. would you like to make Phone holder When w on bed….

  7. jast Aswome $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  8. Ese ingenio se gano mi like

  9. how do you have this much fucking cardboard? ??

  10. I think all your creations are genius

  11. Do you have a museum of all your creations and could you make a video of that?

  12. Wooow emazing…. very nice video

  13. Show ur face Do a face reaveal

  14. Ahem Attention please
    This guy is 10x More talented than Me

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