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Islamabad is the Home Town of some Hottest Pakistan Celebrity Stars! Check out!

If you’re now not new to Diva or haven’t been living
below a rock, you’d possibly understand by using now that we love our
celebrities! We love what they do and how they have made manufacturers out of
themselves, and for that, they remain on our radar, always.

However, these days, there are some celebs who we
think are prevailing the recreation extra than others, and we’ve just come to
realise they all have one issue in common – Islamabad!

Yes, our capital which otherwise sleeps when the rest
of the us of a is awake has some of the biggest celebs coming out of it and for
that, we’ve come to the conclusion that Isloo is officially the town of the
most up to date stars!

Hamza Ali Abbasi

This hottie who has tons of opinions on cutting-edge
affairs and politics in his mind alternatively than the subsequent position
he’s going to be doing calls Islamabad his hometown. The Maula Jatt big name
who was born in Multan has lived in the metropolis and got his large step
forward here too after doing theatre for a while!

Osman Khalid Butt

The man who dons on various gifted caps, Osman Khalid
Butt is one of the biggest examples of hotties from Islamabad whose talent by
no means ends. He’s a choreographer, a magnificent actor, a witty comedian when
he needs to be, and an opinionated person when he wants to speak up! What else
do you want?

Mawra & Urwa Hocane

The Hocane sisters who grew to reputation by way of
their social media antics in the commencing only to turn into bonafide stars
later, also name Islamabad their home. The sister act, who has acted in hit
Pakistani movies like Punjab Nahi Jaungi and Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 is
recognised to have done components of their schooling from the capital!

Umair and Uzair Jaswal

The soul of music runs in their household and these
two brothers, Umair and Uzair Jaswal are proof of it! They’re not only talented
with pursuits in song and acting, but they additionally have appears which can
kill! Two more reasons to love Islamabad, people!

Ali Rehman Khan

One phase of OKB and Hareem’s gang of friends, Parchi
famous person Ali Rehman Khan has long gone from one success to any other in
his profession in the Pakistani leisure industry. He’s virtually a powerhouse
of talent and from what we’ve seen, he’s absolutely fun to be around too!

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