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How to get Healthy Strong Hair + Men’s Haircare tips


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Hey guys! How are you? This is my first Haircare Video on how I Achieve Healthier Stronger Hair. I’ve got a lot of great tips & tricks to show you, as well as products & supplements that have worked really great for me over the years!

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Mad Love, -Dre

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  1. yes yes i agree no need shampoo everyday it helps the hair more natural and healthy cuz if u use it everyday it makes the strands dry i think and
    i use hair treatment hot oil its so good too

  2. Great video as usual! I know you shouldn't shampoo every day, but what about Conditioning? I have dry hair that can use extra conditioning…so I usually will condition daily and shampoo about twice a week. Any thoughts?

  3. please give me your wattsapp no

  4. please make a video on whole bath and how to use tovel

  5. no waste money for all those stuffs. make it simple.. i cant get what u got. u just lucky to have all perfect genes combination! Congratulations

  6. Drew I'm on the hanzdefuko site and I'm new.I ordered clamation and the two deluxe samples I put in DREX 1 and it gave me 10% off but it doesn't say anything about getting sample kit when I go to pay?

  7. the hair mask can get in my local drug store malaysia..
    hihi.. i am forward looking for argan oil for hair sooner

  8. When I try to get volume like you in the sides, i get the volume but my scalp is visible, my friends notice it and it really sucks, Please Please plzzz help me out

  9. lol your videos are so interesting and informational! great work, man

  10. Hey bud, just thought I'd recommend a product, would be cool to see how you review the product, it's by palmers and its palmers conditioning shampoo. Uploads are quality keep it up. Take care dude.

  11. What is the ring u wear?

  12. nevermind you said it in the video

  13. how often do you wash your hair?

  14. Haha he's never negative

  15. i Finally got my hands on the argan oil of morocco, CAN'T WAIT TO TRY IT IM SOOO EXCITED

  16. Love the positive vibe. Love the lifestyle tips. Keep doing you, because you're helping a lot of people out.

  17. where can you buy hanz de fuko shampoo and conditioner?

  18. I don't know why, I don't know how… Just buy the more expensive fish oil. Even if I don't understand why really.. Do it!

  19. do you still use the argan oil?

  20. does hanzdefuko have an international shipping ? cuz i'm living in morocco and would love to get my hands on some of their products !

    thank you in advance, and great video !

  21. how much do u cost monthly on all these stuffs??

  22. how much do u cost monthly on all these stuffs??

  23. how much do u cost monthly on all theses stuffs??

  24. Hi Dre,

    Great video once again. Have quite a few of yours in my Favourites Playlist! Just a quick question – Does the Hanz De Fuko Shampoo and Hanz De Fuko Conditioner do a good job in removing hair product that you've put on for the day?

    Or do you have to do a couple of rinses with whichever of the Hanz De Fuko shower products you use? I know you use quite a high-hold wax so just wanted to ask.

    Thanks again!

  25. sellout hanz de fuko youtube sponsor

  26. Did he just say "before I blow job my hair" at 2:58 ?

  27. look alike martinn garixx

  28. where did u bought those things

  29. Their is no product goos for hair loss its a war

  30. Nothing blocks stress and hair loss not any vitamen

  31. What other hair wax or clays are un damaging?because i cant find hanz de fuco anywhere

  32. I heard claymation is not recommended for guys with thin hair. It works better with rough thick hair.

  33. I had some problems to secure ma hair!!

  34. Dre make a video on your hair color please I am thinking of dying it the same color because I think it looks sick!

  35. Hi i have thick/straight hair and my hair seems to lack texture appearing as one big blob of hair what would you reccomend me to do?
    Awesome video 🙂

  36. How old do you have to be to take the men's one a day?

  37. Do I need coconut oil if I have Argan oil?

  38. Sooo Hanz de fuko shampoo and conditioner or head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner!?!!?!

  39. Hanz De Fuko Or Slikhaar? Got thin hair, sort of going for the Justin Bieber look, but its so thin and flat on the top that I want some volume and texture, but torn between Gold digger or Gravity Paste, and Im not buying both cause thats lile £32 no way, what do I choose?
    Huge fan Dre been here literally since day 1 (:

  40. It doesn't go to make destroyed hair healthy again without cutting it, oils just cover your hair and makes your hair look healthy but when it is washed out it will look as damaged as before.

  41. I'm not quite sure what to believe when it comes to shampooing hair daily. Your routine makes sense, however in an article I read, if you workout and sweat, it's advised that it's better to wash hair daily than what you're advising – 2 or 3 times a weeks because what happens is all the products that gets used on hair (such as gel, waxes, pomade, hairspray, thermal styling) get's mixed in with the sweat and residue of the conditioner that can clog hair shafts and prevent hair from growth. So your suggestion not to wash hair everyday because natural oils are important for healthy hair makes about as much sense as the article that claimed washing hair daily is better than not. Of course this pertained to men that workout. I'll assume, you don't, and if you do hit the gym, do you wash your hair right after. Also, if you watched the local L.A. news recently, studies claim that testosterone is causing more premature balding in men (certain protein powders). I do believe this. It's the DHT hormone produced by too much testosterone that inhibits hair growth.

  42. Is that oil stuff the same as moroccan oil?

  43. The argan oil masks cost $1-$1.50 at Walmart

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