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How I Get My Haircut + What I Tell My Barber! | STEP BY STEP Undercut Tutorial [4/1/18]


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Hey everyone! Today I’ll be showing you exactly what I ask my barber when getting my haircut. This video is a tutorial based strictly off of my current undercut/razor fade hairstyle.

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s o n g :
T h e W e e k e n d – T r y M e W a s t e d T i m e s i n s t r u m e n t a l T y p e B e a t
E m i n e m x J o n B e l l i o n t y p e B e a t W o r l d A l o n e b y K y l e B e a t s

*undercut with a skin fade, high taper razor fade.
Top of hair is 6.5 inches.

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  1. On the latter part, he is wearing a cap. Keep it real bro.

  2. love the inspirational message it's so very powerful man thanks Mr.Dre Drexler

  3. it‘s really so important to remind yourself and others of how fine we actually are and we should stop complaining about all those little things, great message again bro!

  4. WTH man you look like a punk lol

  5. Important message Dre. Great video

  6. I feel like it would look a lot better if u left some length on the sides to blend into the longer top. It's probably just me not liking disconnected undercuts but u do u man if it works for u then go for it.

  7. It really looks good from front or sides, but from the back looks meh to me. Maybe because it was too long on the back? I'm rocking undercut too and I prefer the longer hair on the top back not hanging. Just my 2 cents. Great vid as always Dre!

  8. Not your best to be honest Dre, however you do you man!

  9. today other than wondering the new rocks sir is goingna do with hairstyle, I was eager na know what motivation dre had this vid. thnk. u sir for ur hard work.

  10. Before was better. Shaved sides just give you that prison gangster look it's not classy imo :/

  11. Wait.. You're in st George?! Freaking dope. I'm up in lovely ogden

  12. imo the worst cut this guy has ever had.

  13. In my opinion a lower fade from 0 to 3 will suit you better. You should try it

  14. To say honestly, you had better hair before

  15. Hey amazing video! Maybe you can do some work out videos??

  16. My notification is always on dre cool video loved it !♥♥♥♥♥♥

  17. My barber is retarded , i tell him something and he does something else xD

  18. Make a video of curly hairstyle pleasee

  19. Try a lower fade this one does not look good on u , also no point of growing hair longer than this if it's slicked back….maybe grow the sides a bit …last year when you growed your hair with natural look it looked way better….sorry for the long comment

  20. Love your motivation it keeps me going thanks

  21. my barber messed up my hair, now i have a line around my head, looks someone put a bowl on my head, and shaved.

  22. All I have to say my barber, make it short and he as always fucks it up and says man you are looking good

  23. My man looking like He dropped a snail on his head

  24. You’re the best man!! Love all your videos!!!!!!

  25. Wow u used kyle beat's beat. He really has come up . On the other hand , the video was amazing dre

  26. Dudee your editing is on point!!

  27. Love how you always have inspirational messages for every vid and you take the time to hit topics never done and you are well informed on what you wanna talk about, keep it going bro!!!

  28. You don’t live in California anymore?

  29. Dammnnn Sonnn…..Man ure editing skills are crazy clean….the editing edpecially the intro looks dope asf……..although no one can pull of the undercut like u my brotha, ima still give it a shot…xD
    Mad love

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